Brakes Come To NYC, Whatever Dude!

The newest group to come to the States from Rough Trade, Brakes, have announced that they will actually be visiting New York City in October for two shows. Brakes is the brainchild of Eamon Hamilton (British Sea Power), Marc Beatty (Tenderfoot) and Alex White and Tom White (Electric Soft Parade). The band that has the catchy cow-punk classics are already making names for themselves around the Tripwire offices, and doing pretty well nationally as well (last week they were a top 5 add at Noncommercial radio). If you want to learn more about them and how we all integrated the phrase “Whatever Dude!” into our everyday vocabulary, be sure and check out their website, get their debut CD (Give Blood) on September 13, and then go see them live. Just make sure you are not talking at their show, rumor has it that the guys don't appreciate that too much.

Brakes! Brakes! Brakes! Live:
10.03.05 - New York, NY (Pianos)
10.04.05 - New York, NY (Pianos)

Brakes Come To NYC, Whatever Dude!