Sheffield is home to some of the best and most underrated music out there today. There is also a lot of youth created music that has come to the forefront as a result of Leeds being back in the limelight as a music epicenter. Bands like Arctic Monkeys and Ordinary Boys will soon be all the rage, but one should also look at another tiny group called Milburn. The band consists of two brothers (Joe Carnell, Louis Carnell) backed up by lead guitarist Tom Rowley and drummer Joe Green. On their self-titled EP the five-year-old powerhouse finds themselves painting a picture of what it is like to grow up in Sheffield through the eyes of normal (and not so normal) people. The songs are infectious, guitar driven, and only last about two-and-a-half minutes. The first track, "Lipstick Lickin'" gently (if you can say that) nods back to the days of The Jam and The Kinks with killer guitar breaks. "Cheshire Cat Smile" boasts upbeat riffs and handclaps, which are always a good thing in my opinion. "Brewster" is the perfect American radio hit out of the four songs. Sing-along lyrics and a hell of a toe-tapping melody leave the hipster listener nodding their heads in approval. Finally, "Send In The Boys" has more of a classic punch full of late 70's mod revival. If you are a fan of The Libertines or The Cribs take note, because these guys just upped the ante for the party.

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