Weezer Calling It Quits? Say It Ain't So!

OK, I will admit that the title of this news story is a bit cheesy. Anyways, get that box of tissues ready, as tears may begin streaming down the faces of thousands of devoted Weezer fans. The group that made it seem sorta cool to be a nerd (although I doubt the number of daily wedgies given to nerds by bullies ever dropped) may very well call it quits after they complete supporting their latest album, Make Believe.

In an interview with MTV, guitarist Brian Bell said: “We have no idea if we're going to be a band next year. That's the fun of being in Weezer. That's why we put out albums every three years, and we have these dark periods where we don't know if we're even going to be a band anymore. But I always have this gut feeling that everything will take care of itself, one way or the other, and it always does."

The band even put in a quote from the final soliloquy from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, which happens to be his final play, in the liner notes. So what does Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo have to say about this not-so-subliminal hint? He said: “When we were putting the album together and finishing up the artwork, I didn't know what was going to happen in the future, and I told everyone that. I told them, 'Let's commit to this year, and see what happens.' And that was one of the reasons why I put that quote in there, because I thought it's a really nice way to say goodbye, if it is a goodbye."

So could this be the end for Weezer? Only time will tell.

Weezer Calling It Quits? Say It Ain't So!