Mars Volta Readies Live Album

Scabdates is not the title of an upcoming horror movie, nor is it the absurd name of a demented dermatologist's office. Rather, scabdates is the upcoming live album from the Mars Volta. The release will feature tracks selected from various tour dates while supporting ‘03s De-Loused In The Comatorium as well as from this year’s Frances The Mute. This is only a single disc release, so they were only able to cram twelve tracks on this 74-minute album. Die-hard fans will be glad to know that the packaging will feature the photography of longtime Volta collaborator Danielle Van Ark. Look for scabdates to hit stores in the US on November 8.

01. “Abrasions Mount The Timpani”
02. “Take The Veil Cerpin Taxt”
03. “a) Gust Of Mutts”
04. “b) And Ghosted Pouts”
05. “Caviglia”
06. “Concertina”
07. “Haruspex”
08. “Cicatriz”
09. “A) pt. I”
10. “B) pt. II”
11. “C) pt. III”
12. “D) pt. IV”

Mars Volta Readies Live Album