Voodoo Music Festival Moves To Memphis

In the wake of everything that is going on down in the south it is kind of hard to think about what is going to happen with music festivals. Word is still out on if ACL is going to happen or not, and unless it is a threat then it most likely will still go on, rain or shine. In the meantime however an official announcement has been made that the Voodoo Music Experience will be moved to Memphis, TN at Tom Lee Park. The Voodoo Fest was supposed to take place in New Orleans from October 29-20. Nine Inch Nails is the first band that reportedly has stepped up to the plate for the new event.

Voodoo founder/producer Stephen Rehage told Billboard, "Moving a festival of this magnitude has been no easy task and we are grateful to the city of Memphis for extending their hospitality, to Trent Reznor for voicing his advocacy of New Orleans Restoration Fund (NORF) and Voodoo, to all the artists dedicating their time and energy to support the cause and to our incredible group of people working on this project for their dedication and support over these last few weeks."

VH1 will air highlights of the festival on November 5 and the network’s Vspot channel will offer exclusive performances as well. Proceeds from the event will go to the NORF, Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Corps and other national/local organizations providing aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina and the rebuilding of New Orleans' cultural institutions.

On a side note, please keep your thoughts and/or prayers to our friends and family in south this week as Rita approaches.

Voodoo Music Festival Moves To Memphis