The Killers Don't Like To Share

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers needs to take a Valium. Perhaps this would at least help him get a grip and let go of the spotlight for just a little while. Brandon, your band has had an awesome run. It is ok for people to listen to other groups while you guys prepare your next album. Rather than bowing out gracefully and acknowledging the fact that Hot Fuss did what it was going to do, which was pretty damn impressive, he would rather keep popping back in the press by feuding with other bands.

We have all read plenty about Flowers’ spat with The Bravery. In a recent interview with NME, he admitted that the unpleasantness was fueled by the fact that they shared the same A&R guy. Flowers said that he wanted all of his A&R guy's attention, but now “he's just signed Fallout Boy, which means more of his attention will go to them that should have gone to The Killers". Cue Fallout Boy for a rebuttal.

Yes, it didn’t take long for Fallout Boy to fire back, which they did via their official website. They responded by saying: “It's funny the way you talk about sharing an A&R guy like it matters. It's too bad you wrote a couple of good songs, otherwise it'd be that much easier to write you off.” ZING!

Come on guys, you had better stop this or else we will send you to your rooms without dessert!

The Killers Don't Like To Share