User Response To Yesterday's White Stripes Live Review

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Dear Christen Thomas,

Funny you mentioned Jets sweatshirts and Yankees hats. Let me get back to that in a moment. First, you should have stopped your rant at "Complete and total music snobbery, I know", because it is and if you "know" then you should also know that no one really wants to read boo-hoo sob stories. It's boring. If you don't like the fact that the White Stripes were playing at a baseball stadium, you shouldn't have gone. And if you have a problem being around people who are drinking in a concert or outside of a concert, maybe you should reconsider going to concerts at all because it happens at all of them no matter how big or small the venue might be.

Okay, back to the "Jets sweatshirts and Yankees baseball hats". I just so happened to be sporting a Jets T-SHIRT at the show Saturday night (does that count?). And I almost wore my Yankees hat too! Egads! I didn't realize that I wasn't allowed to listen to the White Stripes AND like the Jets AND drink all at the same time. Sorry, my Antony & The Johnsons t-shirt was in the wash that night.

And, you get the trifecta because I was with two friends and my sister at Saturday's show, all of whom only know "Seven Nation Army". They, like me, spent their hard-earned $50+ on a ticket because they wanted to spend time with some friends and hear some White Stripes. Lo and behold, one of those two friends emailed me saying she bought Elephant yesterday because she really liked some of the songs she'd heard that night. Everyone has to go to their first show for a band sometime, Christen. I hope my friend was the girl you heard say, "I don't know any of the songs they've played. When's he going to play "Seven Nation Army?". If you knew all of the songs you heard at all of the first concerts you've been to then you're just better than my friend and me. That's what snobbery is, thinking you're better than someone else. If thinking you're better than someone else, whether it's a sports fan who is also a music fan, or a music fan who is also a sports fan, helps you sleep at night, then keep taking that pill. I'll just keep tailgaiting at the Jets games and buying my CDs, because that's what makes me happy whether you like it or not.

See you at Sin-e sometime soon. I'll be the guy with the Yankees hat.

Corey Roberts

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User Response To Yesterday's White Stripes Live Review