The King Of France Addresses His Loyal Subjects, Part 1

Michael Azerrad has now appeared on two sides of the music world, both as a journalist and now as a musician. Chances are, you have either read or quite possibly own some of his work, which includes the books Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes From The American Indie Underground 1981-1991 and Come As You Are: The Story Of Nirvana. After documenting some of the most important groups of alternative rock, some of that rock & roll passion must have rubbed off, as he joined with singer/guitarist Steve Salad to create the NYC band The King Of France. The group released their self-titled debut album this week and are now hitting the road for their first tour. Azerrad took a few minutes to write down his thoughts before he and his bandmates climb into their van in the quest for rock stardom.


So my band the King of France is getting ready to head out on tour, starting September 29th at TT the Bear’s in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We’re supporting our self-titled album which came out September 27th on The Echo Label. (And if you want to hear a couple of tracks, visit We’re touring with the fabulous Robbers on High Street, who have been so supportive of us that it practically makes me weepy. I’m so looking forward to hanging with those guys out in the wilds of America.

One great tradition of the rock tour is the Unannounced Warm-Up Gig. We did ours this past weekend at Service Station, an erstwhile gas station, now a gallery, outside of Woodstock, New York. My friend Chris arranged the show as a benefit for Hurricane Katrina relief and a bunch of great musicians and comedians performed, like Marcellus Hall from White Hassle, Scott Bondy from Verbena, A.D. Miles, Heather Lawless, Shivaree and a reunion of Chris’ very cool band the Gleaners. (There was also a huge plate of chocolate truffles there, which made me very happy.) We raised over $1000!

Since Matt will be out of commission for the Cambridge and Philadelphia gigs, our friend Dawn is playing them with us. We played the Woodstock show with her, too. She hadn’t played with us in months and yet she remembered the songs perfectly, and our only rehearsal was our soundcheck! Dawn, as I like to say, is a moose. That’s what I call people who are completely, impeccably great at what they do. We had a great show even though we somehow got a little hyper toward the end; we definitely made some new fans, particularly the bunch of people up front who danced the whole way through the set and had never heard us before in their lives. I don't even think they were drunk!

Another great tradition of the rock tour is lining up your reading matter. I’ve already scored the current issues of Uncut (cover story on John Lennon) and Mojo (cover story on Led Zeppelin), tucked them into my bag and I am so psyched to tear into them in the van. Also bringing along a collection of Roald Dahl short stories that Dawn recommended. Steve got a mini-van with a DVD player and wireless headphones – wow, I am so psyched about that. I’m in charge of procuring cinemetic software... Can’t wait to make some selections from the library.

I’m such a geek – I’ve already begun packing for the tour. One thing I’ve learned is to bring polyester-blend pants – they clean easily and dry fast. I’m also stocking up on health bars, but more about that later.

Source: Michael Azerrad

The King Of France Addresses His Loyal Subjects, Part 1