Brian Wilson Is An Awesome Guy, He'll Even Call You At Home To Prove It

We all know Brian Wilson is an awesome musician. Anyone who could spearhead the genius that is Pet Sounds is, well... a musical genius. But what some of you may NOT know is that living legend Brian Wilson is a caring and charitable guy as well. In a message posted on his website, he makes a challenge to his fans. If you send a donation to the hurricane victims of $100 or more, Brian Wilson will not only match it, he'll call you at home! I'll just post the full letter below. Check it out.


I want to personally thank Iowa Jim for his post the other night challenging me to call him. Out of his post came a cool idea that my wife and I want to run by you. Jim challenged me to call him up, because he did not believe that it was me posting. He told me if I did he would make a donation to a charity for me. I didn't think I needed to prove anything other than at times I like to talk with you guys. Anyway,

Melinda and I were discussing his post that night at dinner and we came up with a great idea. So here's the cool part. As most of you know Jerry Boyd has been collecting donations for the Hurricane victims who have been left homeless and in shelters. He told us at this point he has collected around $4,000, and many of you have send items too. He is grateful, but we want to make a bigger difference.

Here's my challenge, for anyone who sends Jerry a donation of $100.00 or more, I will call you personally and answer a question that you may have, or just say hello or whatever. Also, my wife and I will match the donation. I know that this may not work for all of you, but anything that you can afford will help and I will match it.

Click here for Jerry's instructions to get started

L&M Brian P.S. Melinda is typing this for me and says hi! We will keep this challenge going until Oct. 1 and I am available to call you between 7:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Brian Wilson Is An Awesome Guy, He'll Even Call You At Home To Prove It