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The Past Presents The Future

Marc Bianchi's timing couldn't be any better. Bianchi, aka Her Space Holiday, is here to whisk fans of the Postal Service and the various other indie-electro-pop groups to the world that he has been cultivating since 1996. His music talent has been seen on remixes for artists ranging from REM to American Analog Set, as well as on his own original material including 2003's The Young Machines. His bedroom beats never overpower the songwriting, while the orchestral flourishes found throughout the album add an organic feeling to the collection of songs. The album begins with "Forever And A Day", a sunny pop song that is peppered with timpani drums and meandering strings. "The Weight Of The World" shows Bianchi shedding his indie overcoat, exposing his heart with a clap-along space-aged soul song featuring funky beats, flutes and plenty of bleeps and bloops. "You And Me" once again showcases strings against a background of danceable beats, making a song acceptable for both the bedroom and the dance club. The best is saved for last, with the Phil Spector-inspired "The Great Parade", which even includes an homage to the Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" towards the end of the track. The album ends with the title track, stripping away all the production, leaving only Bianchi and his acoustic guitar. What makes Her Space Holiday so special is that Bianchi consistently makes polished music that never loses its soul. Laptop-driven electro-pop can still have a heart, which you can hear throughout this album. The Past Presents The Future is an elegant body of work, which successfully balances pop music from the past with the technological advancement of the present. I can't wait to see what Bianchi has in store for us in the future.

Her Space Holiday
Wicita Recordings/World's Fair

The Past Presents The Future