The King Of France Addresses His Loyal Subjects, Part 3

Journalist/King Of France drummer Michael Azerrad continues his tour diary, reporting after a successful show at Boston’s TT the Bear’s.


Wow, the show at TT the Bear’s went incredibly well. We got a really good crowd – there was some very nice advance press about us in the Boston papers -- and people were really enthusiastic. There is nothing like playing a good, well-received show – makes it all worth it. When you see people tapping their toes or doing a little bopping, it feeds you like food. In my professional opinion, the King of France is a crackerjack band with fantastic, truly original songs but it’s quite another matter to have that opinion seconded by a roomful of people who have never heard the band before. We sold more CDs and got more mailiing list entries than for any gig we’ve ever done, home in New York or anywhere. We’re on a roll.

After load-in Dawn and I took a fast walk to the nearby Trader Joe’s. We were very stoked about that, especially because we got to see a pretty sunset over the Charles River. I picked up a good supply of their fantastic 73% Super Dark chocolate bars, which are one of life’s great pleasures. We got back and our tourmates Robbers on High Street were soundchecking. Ben Trokan is a very good vocalist. You get the sense that he’s thought about how to phrase every word and note, and it fits the music and his voice just right. I really like hearing him sing.

On the drive home the next day, Steve, Dawn and I had a great long conversation about rock musician archetypes. Four main types, with plenty of overlap, are: the Freak (Black Francis, Manson), the Charismatic (Bono, Jagger), the Everyman (Springsteen, Westerberg), and the Enigma (Dylan, Stipe). I think Steve is mainly a Freak -- and I mean that in the best possible way -- with a good dose of Charismatic. I resolve to discuss this fact with the marketing people at our label.

Source: Michael Azerrad

The King Of France Addresses His Loyal Subjects, Part 3