Kate Bush To Release Her Eighth Studio Album

After taking twelve years off from making albums, Kate Bush has resurfaced with a new batch of tunes due out in the US on November 8. The original eccentric female musician who created the blueprint for artists ranging from Tori Amos to Regina Spektor is back with a double-disc titled Aerial. Her eighth studio album is broken down into two sections, A Sea Of Honey and A Sky Of Honey. The first single, “King Of The Mountain”, is currently available on iTunes, and will arrive in stores on October 24. Welcome back Kate!

Disc One – A Sea Of Honey
01. “King Of The Mountain”
02. “ð”
03. “Bertie”
04. “Mrs. Bartolozzi”
05. “How To Be Invisible”
06. “Joanni”
07. “A Coral Room”

Disc Two – A Sky Of Honey
01. “Prelude”
02. “Prologue”
03. “An Architect’s Dream”
04. “The Painter’s Link”
05. “Sunset”
06. “Aerial Tal”
07. “Somewhere In Between”
08. “Nocturn”
09. “Aerial”

Kate Bush To Release Her Eighth Studio Album