Beastie Boys Give Us Their Solid Gold Hits

So what does the future have in store for the Beastie Boys? With the upcoming release of their best-of compilation, titled Solid Gold Hits, speculation surrounding the possible breakup of the Beasties have been running rampant all over the web. After twenty-four years, could Mike D, Adrock and MCA be ready to retire. Are they ready to pack their bags, move to Florida and spend the rest of their days playing shuffleboard? On November 8th you can pick up your copy of Solid Gold Hits, and keep your fingers crossed that the Beasties are not ready to call it quits.

Solid Gold Hits
01. “So What’cha Want”
02. “Brass Monkey”
03. “Ch-Check It Out”
04. “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn”
05. “Hey Ladies”
06. “Pass The Mic”
07. “An Open Letter To NYC”
08. “Root Down”
09. “Shake Your Rump”
10. “Intergalactic”
11. “Sure Shot”
12. “Body Movin’” (Fatboy Slim Remix)
13. “Triple Trouble”
14. “Sabotage”
15. “Fight For Your Right”

Beastie Boys Give Us Their Solid Gold Hits