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There's Something In The Treats

Every so often a record comes across my desk and totally smacks me across the face, thus grabbing my attention for more than the usual minute or so that my attention span normally allots for. I introduce to you, Genders, an art-punk duo hailing from Detroit's under-underground! Their upcoming release and their first on Tigerbeat6, aptly titled There's Something In The Treats, is a killer collection of six dubbed out, minimal goodies deeply rooted around analog drum machines, quirky, distant vocals and bizarre horn arrangements. Seriously people, this is some of the coolest, stripped down mix of artsy indie rock and minimal dance that I’ve actually ever heard. These guys have totally mastered the art of weaving dubby basslines in and out of cool guitar riffs, spooky pads and horns, and subdued vocal groanings. And believe me folks, there is definitely something in these treats and I wouldn't mind some for myself. Tracks like "In The Preparation, In The Evening" and "Bottom Feeders" are straight up some of the most daunting, druggy tracks I've heard in quite some time. The cover art alone scared the pants off me the first time I saw it. And if that’s not enough, our favorite electronic art-punks Adult are so into these guys that they took them on a mini-tour of both coasts, further exposing audiences to one of Detroit’s coolest, best-kept secrets. Additionally, the entire album was recorded on an 8-track in one of their bedrooms with additional mixing added by one of the bandmate's fathers. How’s that for underground? Seriously though, I highly advise checking this album out, as it's some of the most refreshing pieces of work I've heard in quite some time. Better yet, pick up the album then go see them live! Their tour kicks off on October 19th in Toronto and runs through most of November. After a brief two day adventure through Canada the tour brings them down to the US for about 30 shows. For any of you NYCers like myself, you’ll be able to catch them at Northsix on October 22nd or October 24th at Mercury Lounge. You can bet your ass I’ll be there to see what’s in the friggin treats!!!


There's Something In The Treats