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The White Stripes Pay A Visit To Jon Stewart

Yep, you read that right. Detroit blues virtuoso Jack White and his sister Meg have scheduled an appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart where they'll not only chat it up with Stewart, but they'll also be performing. This marks the first time in the show's history that The Daily Show will feature a live performance. "We've never had a musical performance on the show before - not because we haven't wanted one - but because we were holding out for a reunited Spandau Ballet. This will have to suffice," said Stewart. Ironically, those who watch the show know that Stewart is "on" 99% of the time. The horrible quote above is an unfortunate rare miss. Tune in on December 1 to see the White Stripes make Daily Show history. The Daily Show airs on Comedy Central at 11PM ET/PT Monday - Thursday.

The White Stripes Pay A Visit To Jon Stewart