Heavy Duty

October 06, 2005

We know a lot of you might prefer debonair, suave George Clooney. What with his finely sculpted hair, immaculate GQ wardrobe, and trill-ass Lake Como estate. That's the way you wanna think of him? That's cool. Us? We like Fat George Clooney.

We've been getting antsy to see something of Clooney's upcoming oil industry thriller, Syriana, because we stay knee deep in current events like that. This flick's got it all:

  • Fat George Clooney blowing stuff up

  • SUV chases through the desert

  • Amanda Peet

  • Torture scenes

  • Acidic monologues about the western world's dependency on Saudi oil

  • Fat George Clooney talking about running dudes over

  • Jeffery Wright as a sniper

  • Fat George Clooney getting thrown in a body bag even though he's still alive and kicking

  • Chris Cooper

  • Bad-ass faux Philip Glass music

Directed by Traffic scribe Steven Gaghan, Syriana hits your world like Fat George Clooney rushing a continental breakfast buffet this December.

Posted: October 06, 2005
Heavy Duty