Live - Jamie Lidell At RES Fest In Chicago

li·delled (L¥ · de•ll · ed)
v. or adj. - to be lidelled
1) To catch an acute contagious disease caused by attending a performance by musician Jamie Lidell, occurring predominantly among fans of modern music and characterized by furious applause and spontaneous bursts of boogie. Currently not curable, discomfort can be alleviated by listening to Lidell’s records.

Doing his part in reinventing electronic music as it is currently accepted and regurgitated, Berlin resident Jamie Lidell is an incredible entertainer that mixes R&B, soul, and a bit of beat boxing, which are all fuel for his cleverly placed electronic layers. The whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

After spending time twiddling knobs with Cristian Vogel in Super_Collider, Lidell once again branched out solo-style, releasing his first solo effort in five years last June called Multiply. Spirits of Motown past haunt the record from the opening track, “Yougotmeup”, to about forty minutes later on “Game For Fools.” The smooth and in-control nature of the record makes you forget the electronic elements that created it. In-between swirling keyboards and bass grooves, “What’s The Use” harbors one of the most delectable “woos” known to the human ear – enough to make the shyest wallflower get his-or-her groove on. The infectious “A Little Bit More” is prone to make you lose your inhibitions and inspire you to sway those willing hips. Multiply is what a record should be – continuous and climactic, as opposed to being simply a compilation of songs on a disc. It’s accessible and the tunes span generations of musical palettes, but most importantly, it leaves you wanting more (and well acquainted with the repeat button on your music player). While the critics continue to applaud Multiply (Warp Records), it’s the excitable and insatiable die-hard fans who really speak for Lidell’s music.

Compared to many legends such as Little Richard, Prince, and even Beck, one would be astounded at the way the man can captivate a seated room like the one last Sunday at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art during RES Fest. Lidell crooned away underneath a solitary spotlight, dancing around, completely spastic and incredibly endearing. Though it differs a bit from the recordings, every single facet of the show can stand alone, from the funny in-between song banter to the live building of the tracks, his dance moves to his smooth and swooning vocals. It’s hard to pinpoint what one would enjoy the most yet not hard to predict that one would enjoy it. Perhaps what is most convincing about Lidell as a musician and performer is that he does it all. He sings. He beatboxes. He creates material out-of-the-ether and on-the-fly and with a warmth and visceral love seldom associated with electronic music. The ladies love this charming man, and the men are running neck-in-neck. Giving a new respect to laptops and one-man-bands – Lidell’s performance is certainly one not to miss. Get lidelled.

Jamie Lidell is releasing his new single and the title track for his album “Multiply” on October 17th featuring remixes by Herbert, Hot Chip, and Gonzales.

Tonight, NYC’s Rothko will host Jamie Lidell’s last US performance for 2005! Free Blood (members of !!!) go on at 10p with Lidell at 11p – The Syrup Girls DJ in-between. Doors at 9p, $10 cover.

Source: Céleste Tabora

Live - Jamie Lidell At RES Fest In Chicago