Thom Yorke Hints At Direction Of New Radiohead Album

I know it may be hard to believe, but we have some news on Radiohead’s upcoming new album. Are you shocked? Yeah, that is what I thought! Anyways, Thom Yorke has posted some remotely interesting updates on his online journal, which includes information on the new song “Rubbernecks”.

About their current studio shenanigans, Yorke wrote: “Back into work again after very quick break contending with the usual winter illnesses and fevers - which are still messing with things. Jonny's stepping over guitar leads and pedals and laptop as we demo yet another new tune added to the blackboard called 'Rubbernecks'. At the moment its a demo. When is a demo not a demo? When its in time. Whats in time?"

We are all a bit curious as to how the new music will sound. What is their direction going to be this time? Experimental techno? Dub? Yorke gave us a hint when he wrote: “Im asking Jonny to lay off the sweet rock and stick to the sticklebrick licks." C’mon Jonny, give us the sweet rock!

Yorke also posted a few lyrics from “Rubberneck”, which are as follows:

"Their dotting all the tees/ and crossing their eyes/ welcome to the future/ it opened up my eyes/ its creeping up the car park/ its coming up the drive/ rubbernecks with cameras/ petrol and bonfires"

Thom Yorke Hints At Direction Of New Radiohead Album