Richard Ashcroft Finishing Up "Raw" Third Album

Richard Ashcroft has been laying low over the past few years. The former Verve frontman’s last full-length album, Human Conditions, came out back in 2002. He is now currently wrapping up work on his big “comeback” record, which he claims will be much more raw than his previous efforts.

In one of the greatest lines in recent memory, Ashcroft told XFM that the album is “sounding sh!t hot”. You read that right. Sh!t hot! He continued: “There’s a lot of different topics and things I’m going into, and for a time I was thinking about that very English way of writing tunes back from ’65 and ’66. The Stones, The Beatles, [all the songs] have a bit of Dylan twisted-ness in the sound, but they retain an Englishness to them.”

Ashcroft’s previous two solo albums were highly produced, which won’t be the case on his as-yet-untitled third full-length. "There's still moments of beauty and lushness in there. But there's definitely some tracks there are pretty raw, pretty heavy yeah,” he added.

The sh!t hot record is due out sometime in early 2006.

Richard Ashcroft Finishing Up "Raw" Third Album