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22 Elliott Smith Tracks Leaked

Elliott Smith, the tragic singer/songwriter whose life ended all too soon almost two years ago, is back in the light again. Yesterday it was discovered that some 22 previously-unreleased tracks leaked onto the internet including material from his last and final release, From A Basement On A Hill. In addition to that it is reported that some of the leaked work goes deeper into the vault as far back as ten years. Elliott Smith worked on and off on this last album over a period of time due to battles with drug addiction, but it is said that he recorded somewhere between a total of 34 to 50 songs.

From A Basement On A Hill was released a year ago as a collaborative effort between Elliott Smith’s ex-girlfriend Joanna Bolme and Rob Schnapf. Original Producer Dave McConnel told, "I think it was one of those situations where the family was so sad and taken down by the loss of their son that I think they wanted to work with somebody they knew - somebody that would be there emotionally as well as doing the work... and I can't say I blame them, really." The Tripwire hopes that maybe these tracks can see the light of day in a legal form so we can check them out.

22 Elliott Smith Tracks Leaked