Test Icicles Explain For Screening Purposes Only

Test Icicles have been blipping up on our radar for several months here at The Tripwire. Their name began popping up months before we received a copy of their debut EP, Boa VS Python (which is damn good btw). When they stopped in NYC to play the FADER/[adult swim] Project during CMJ, we began to see what all the hype was truly about.

The group is nearing the release of their debut full-length album, For Screening Purposes Only, due out in the UK on Halloween. It turns out that the inspiration behind this album stems from the ’99 gang movie Thicker Than Water, which is about drug dealers trying to make it in the music business.

In an interview with NME, band member Rory Aggwelt explained: “The whole album's based on that film. In the film whenever bad sh!t goes down, the legend: 'For Screening Purposes Only' appears on screen. The first song on our record 'Your Biggest Mistake' is about that film. The album is like life imitating art. There's a TV on the cover so that makes some sort of sense."

To sample the chaos that is Test Icicles for yourself, snag a copy of their Boa Vs Python EP, which hits stores in the US on November 1st via Domino.

Test Icicles Explain For Screening Purposes Only