The Crystal Method Score London

It is hard to believe that The Crystal Method, A.K.A. Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland, have already been around for more than 10 years. In this time the duo has created three studio albums, two mix records, worked with numerous collaborators, and toured extensively. Now, they can officially add scoring their first feature film to their long resume. Titled London, the soundtrack is due to come out January 24, 2005 and marks the first release from the group’s Tiny E Records. In addition the album will feature songs by Evil Nine, (featuring Toastie Taylor and Hyper), Troy Bonnes, The Out Crowd (members of Brian Jonestown Massacre), and Connie Price & The Keystones, along with original music by The Crystal Method.

Regarding the film, Ken Jordan stated, “We're so excited and inspired by scoring this film. We feel this is some of the best work we've ever done." Scott Kirland added, “We had an incredible time working on this film. It was a joy to create a score for a film with such an original story and such great actors. To have the soundtrack as the first release on our own Tiny E label is like icing on the cake.”

Complete song listing for the London soundtrack:
01. “London” - The Crystal Method
02. “Restless” - Evil Nine featuring Toastie Taylor
03. “Smoked” - The Crystal Method
04. “Fire To Me” - Hyper
05. “Roboslut” - The Crystal Method
06. “Defective” - The Crystal Method
07. “Vice” - The Crystal Method
08. “Crime” - Troy Bonnes
09. “C'mon Children” -The Out Crowd
10. “Onesixteen” - The Crystal Method
11. “Sucker Punch” - Connie Price and The Keystones
12. “Glass Breaker” - The Crystal Method
13. “I Luv U” - The Crystal Method
14. “Nothing Like You and I” - Perishers

The Crystal Method Score London