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October 20, 2005

We were pretty amazed at all the links and feedback that went along with posting the Chamillionaire Astros song last week, but today's response takes the cake. Paul Wall just sent us his own baseball song: an Astros-ified version of "They Don't Know" (right-click and save-as). We're not going to fuel the "are they/aren't they" beef between Paul and Cham by commenting on which jam is better, but the People's Champ does manage to squeeze shouts to Minute Maid Park and damn near every member of the team (George Bush too?) in a rapid-fire succession of references. He also inexplicably starts the track by proclaiming "live from the gridiron!" but we'll just chalk that up to dude still wishing the Oilers were around. UPDATE: Gridiron is the name of Paul's studio.

That's TWO Texas jams! Where you at Chicago? Kanye? Lupe? Psychodrama? No love for the Sox?