Live - The Infadels' Live Debut In NYC

The Infadels is the latest band from East London to cross the pond to invade the NYC club scene. Within only a couple days, I heard about this band from quite a few people, which made me intrigued. So I then got hold of an album sampler, which is filled with non-stop chaotic dance/electro/rock tracks that DuFour knows I'm a sucker for. "Jagger '67" especially is an obvious raw dance hit that I put on repeat for days. With that, I decided to check out their first US show to see what the fuss is all about.

Live, the band wobbles from hot, instinctual dance tracks that get everyone in the audience moving (rare in NYC you know) to signs of an obvious nubile band that leaves something more to be desired. When they get into their groove, gel and start rocking out, everyone can feel it. Other times the set seemed to move a bit slower. Overall though, a lot of potential and I'm sure a lot of great opportunities are in store that the band will take full advantage of in the future. In fact, they still have two more NYC shows this week.

Keep them on your radar.

And if you can, check them out for yourself:

Monday - Oct 24th @ Joe's Pub (12pm)
Tuesday - Oct 25th @ Rothko (8pm)

Source: Nina Isabella

Live - The Infadels' Live Debut In NYC