Diamond Dave To Replace Stern, Infinity Unleashes Free FM

We have all heard the rumors. We knew that he was a potential replacement for Howard Stern, but did we really think it would happen? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it has. David Lee Roth has been officially announced as Stern’s replacement in several markets, including NYC (WXRK), Dallas (KLLI), Philadelphia (WYSP), Boston (WBCN), Pittsburgh (WRKZ), Cleveland (WNCX) and West Palm Beach (WPBZ).

While Diamond Dave takes the David Lee Roth Show to the east coast, our west coast friends will receive Adam Carolla as their Stern replacement. The Adam Carolla Show, which not surprisingly features Jimmy Kimmel as a creative consultant, will kick off in Los Angeles (KLSX), San Francisco (KIFR), San Diego (KPLN), Phoenix (KZON), Portland (KUFO and Las Vegas (KXTE).

As if these changes weren’t enough, Infinity Broadcasting has announced the launch of a brand new format, Free FM, in several stations throughout the US. So what the hell is this new genre of radio? Infinity Chairman and CEO Joel Hollander said: “Infinity's FREE FM stations will feature an eclectic mix of personalities, whose distinct creativity, perspective, sense of humor, intellect and unpredictability do not fall under the guiding principals of any particular narrowcast theme or ideology. An entertaining hybrid of provocative, political, pop culture, news, music and lifestyle formats, our next generation of FM stations will be personified by their conviction, passion, originality, fearlessness and innovation which is not heard anywhere else on the radio."

One of the most shocking format flips to embrace Free FM will be NYC’s WXRK, better known to rock fans as K-ROCK. WXRK will launch as Free FM in January ’06. If this format is done well, it could embrace many of the things currently missing from our radio dials. Although I remain skeptical for now, it will be interesting to see not only how Free FM works, but also how audiences will react to this type of programming.

Diamond Dave To Replace Stern, Infinity Unleashes Free FM