Domino Extinguish Domestic Desires For The Fire Engines' Music

Seminal Scottish punk band The Fire Engines changed the landscape of the Scottish music scene in the early '80s and inspired some of today's Scottish standouts, like Franz Ferdinand, Sons and Daughters, and Mogwai, to name a few. Only a band for a total of 18 months, between 1980 and 1981 (for the most part), The Fire Engines made quite an impact for a band with only one full length and a handful of singles. However, thanks to the good folks at Domino Records, a handful of previously-unreleased songs will see the light of day as the album Codex Teenage Premonition on November 15.

The 18-track disc has five studio out takes that never made it to the band's debut album, ten live tracks (three of which are from their first gig ever), two early "Peel Session" tracks and a cover of Franz Ferdinand's "Jacqueline" (the band reformed to open for Franz in Glasgow last December).

Here's the track listing, yo.

01. "Sympathetic Anaesthetic"                  
02. "Get Up and Use Me"                           
03. "Hungry Beat"                                         
04. "Everything’s Roses"                            
05.  "The Untitled One"                                
06.  "12.01.81"                                               
07.  "Meat Whiplash"                                    
08.  "Discord"                                                 
09.  "Get up and Use Me"
10. "New Things in Cartons"
11.  "Plastic Gift"
12.  "Hungry Beat"
13.  "The Untitled One"
14.  "Everything’s Nothing"
15.  "Discord"
16.  "Discord (Peel Session)"
17.  "Candyskin (Pee Session)"
18.  "Jacqueline"

Domino Extinguish Domestic Desires For The Fire Engines' Music