Maximo Park To Strike Again While The Iron Is Still Hot

One of our favorite bands of 2005, Maximo Park, is already looking to start work on the follow-up to this year’s A Certain Trigger. In fact, once the band completes their trek along the NME Rock ‘N Riot Tour, their focus will shift back to making new music.

In an interview on XFM, singer Paul Smith said: “We'll be focusing on the second album after Christmas. We've written a few tracks and we now just need to get into a room get back to being a band that's creating music, ready to go out on tour and play for another year or so.”

"We might play one of our new tracks in December which we'll be honing during the soundchecks in Europe and I'm just really excited about playing the new stuff. I just want to give more and more decent music to people."

While catching Maximo Park’s last NYC performance at the Bowery Ballroom, we were treated to live renditions of a few of their new songs, which definitely show promise. “A19”, which had a keyboard line very reminiscent of The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, and “Hammer Horror” were both quite fantastic. Bring on the new tunes!

Maximo Park To Strike Again While The Iron Is Still Hot