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Shaun Ryder Wrestles With Damon Albarn?

In a story that may be a bunch of bologna, it is rumored that Blur/Gorillaz main man Damon Albarn challenged the Happy Mondays’ Shaun Ryder to a wrestling match. Our zany Britpop superheroes supposedly went all WWE on each other, even sporting moustaches as some kind of slightly disturbing wrestling costume.

This random story popped up in an interview with The Star, during which Ryder said: “Damon and I were in the gym and he asked me if I fancied a wrestle. I told him not until we'd grown moustaches. Two weeks later, Damon's was long and blonde. Mine was thicker and bushier."

In slightly more believable news, Gorillaz are scheduled to perform their single “Feel Good Inc.” along with De La Soul at the upcoming MTV Europe Music Awards in Portugal on November 3. The animated group will come to life in a rumored 3D-holographic extravaganza. We have yet to hear whether or not Albarn will show up with a moustache. Hopefully not.

Shaun Ryder Wrestles With Damon Albarn?