Kings Of Leon Drop Limited Edition Vinyl

Though their critically acclaimed sophomore album has been available on CD for some time now, all you wax hounds out there will be glad to know that Aha Shake Heartbreak was released on vinyl this week. A single 12" pressing on white vinyl, the release will include the non-CD track "Where Nobody Knows".

There will be two different versions available - A hand numbered limited edition with embossed cover art, of which only three hundred will be pressed, and a regular version. The regular version will be available at indie retailers and online, but the limited edition version will only be available through The Control Group.

In case you were wondering... I got mine and the white vinyl looks suh-weeet! Sounds great too... yeee haw!

Kings Of Leon will be playing the Bue Fest in Buenos Ares tomorrow night with The Strokes and the Sue Fest in Chile the following night (also with The Strokes). No other live dates are scheduled for '05 at this time.

Kings Of Leon Drop Limited Edition Vinyl