Tracks For Beck Remix Album Announced

Fan of Beck can now rejoice, as confirmed details for his upcoming Guero remix album, Guerolito, have finally been announced. This ambitious companion to his latest, and recently gold-certified, album will feature an eclectic lineup of remix artists that were handpicked by the Beckmeister himself. With names like Air, Octet, Boards Of Canada and Adrock on the album, this should make for a mighty entertaining listen. Not only are the tunes getting a facelift, but the album artwork is being “remixed” as well by Guero cover artist Marcel Dzama>. Hitting stores on December 13, you can go ahead and safely add this one to your Christmas wish list.

01. “E-Pro” (Homelife)
02. “Que Onda Guero” (Islands)
03. “Girl” (Octet)
04. “Missing” (Air)
05. Black Tamborine (Adrock of the Beastie Boys)
06. Earthquake (Mario C)
07. “Hell Yes” (8-Bit)
08. “Broken Drum” (Boards Of Canada)
09. “Scarecrow” (El-P)
10. “Go It Alone” (Superthriller)
11. “Farewell Ride” (Subtle)
12. “Rental Car” (John King/Dust Brothers)
13. “Emergency Exit” (Th’Corn Gangg Clap Hands)

Tracks For Beck Remix Album Announced