Live - The Lovemakers Make Out With Strangers In NYC

There are some bands that win you over with their chops (see: Death From Above 1979) there are others that reel you in with their charisma and pop awareness (see: The Rakes) and then there are bands that get you with their sheer showmanship and unabashed enjoyment of what they’re doing. See: The Lovemakers. Playing the ever-unfriendly Canal Room (see: $7 Budweisers), the Lovemakers took the stage fully clothed, but did not stay that way for long. Playing through tracks from their debut LP This is Romance now out on Cherry Tree/Interscope, lead Lovemakers Scott Boyd, who dances like Beck on E, and Lisa Light, who pours water on herself and occasionally whips out the violin, know how to put on a show. Dancing with each other and grooving, slinking and stomping about the stage on their own, one gets the feeling that these two may be the most fun people to go to a gay dance club with.

Overseeing all the madness is keyboard/synth/computer overlord Jason Fish, who in promo pix looks like a pervy voyeur, but live comes across as the lovechild of Elton John and Kermit the Frog, which is meant to be flattering. Despite the insane drink prices, members of the audience were actually dancing. Not just bobbing heads or pumping knees, but all out dancing. There were couples on both sides of me that looked mid-dance off, each trying to out do the other with how ‘down’ they could be. At one point Scott, shirt off, pelvis in overdrive, leapt into the crowd for an entire song and was treated to a dirty dance by a girl with very long, very blonde hair who called herself “Lisa One Love.” Apparently, that’s the kind of atmosphere the Lovemakers inspire. Dance-offs, Lisa One Loves and making out on stage are all part of the sexy kingdom of the Lovemakers. Check the out on the remainder of their tour dates with, you guessed it, Veruca Salt.

The Lovemakers With Veruca Salt
11.02.05 – Cleveland, OH (Peabodys)
11.04.05 – Mt. Clemens, MI (Hayloft Liquor Stand)
11.06.05 – Chicago, IL (Metro)
11.07.05 – Urbana, IL (Canopy Club)
11.08.05 – Minneapolis, MN (First Avenue)
11.10.05 – Denver, CO (Hi Drive)
11.13.05 – Boise, ID (Big Easy)
11.15.05 – Reno, NV (Golden Phoenix)
11.17.05 – Santa Ana, CA (Galaxy Theatre)
11.18.05 – Los Angeles, CA (Key Club)
11.19.05 – Las Vegas, NV (Empire Ballroom)

Live - The Lovemakers Make Out With Strangers In NYC