Slowdive To Reissue Full-Lengths

Slowdive fans, you had might want to move away from your laptops while reading this. Uncontrollable drooling may begin shortly, which could cause your shiny PowerBook to short out, making your IT department less than thrilled with you. Sanctuary Records has announced that they will reissue each of the band’s three full-length albums, starting with Just For A Day on November 14. The reissue treatment will also include the long out of print Pygmalion, as well as Souvlaki.

Just For A Day
Disc One
01. “Spanish Air”
02. “Celia’s Dream”
03. “Catch The Breeze”
04. “Ballad Of Sister Sue”
05. “Erik’s Song”
06. “Waves”
07. “Brighter”
08. “The Sadman”
09. “Primal”

Disc Two
01. “Slowdive”
02. “Avalyn 1”
03. “Avalyn 2”
04. “Morningrise”
05. “She Calls”
06. “Losing Today”
07. “Golden Hair”
08. “Shine”
09. “Albatross”
10. “Catch The Breeze” (Peel Session)
11. “Song 1” (Peel Session)
12. “Golden Hair: (Peel Session)

Slowdive To Reissue Full-Lengths