Two Gallants Set Release Date For Sophomore Album, Tour Europe

I think it's pretty safe to say that if you're "in the know" you're up on who the Two Gallants are by now. They're the latest non-Omaha band to be signed to Saddle Creek - ring a bell? Get with it people.

Needless to say, Two Gallants have been busy lately with two Saddle Creek releases on the horizon and a killer European tour with The Decemberists. First up is a 7" single, "Las Cruces Jail," due in the UK on November 28th and here in the US on December 6th. Then, What the Toll Tells, their sophomore album and Saddle Creek full-length debut, will arrive on Feb 13th in the UK and Feb 21st here in the States.

It's great to see this band getting the attention they deserve and continuing to team up with good people and the right touring companions.

Two Gallants:
11.10.05 - San Francisco, CA (12 Galaxies - SF Bay Guardian "Goldie" Awards)

Decemberists & Two Gallants European Vacation Dates:

11.14.05 - Nottingham, England (Rescue Rooms)
11.15.05 - Manchester, England (Academy 3)
11.16.05 - Glasgow, Scotland (ABC 2)
11.17.05 - London, England (ULU)
11.18.05 - The Hague, Holland (Crossing Border Festival)
11.20.05 - Berlin, Germany (Magnet)
11.21.05 - Cologne, Germany (Gebaude 9)
11.22.05 - Hamburg, Germany (Knust)
11.27.05 - Madrid, Spain (La Dinamo)
11.29.05 - Paris, France (La Boule Noire)
11.30.05 - Brussels, Belgium (Botanique)
12.01.05 - London, England (Water Rats)

Source: Nina Isabella

Two Gallants Set Release Date For Sophomore Album, Tour Europe