Chromeo Have A Cool New Mix CD, But It's Import-Only

I'll make this one quick. Canadian electrofunk duo Chromeo have just released a new mix album called Un Joli Mix Pour Toi, which through my three years of high school French, I believe translates into "A Pretty Mix For You". The mix was made utilizing a collection of rare dollar-bin "crack funk" gems (that's what the press release says, anyway) and comes as part of a prestigious artist compilation series. The only bad part is that the comp series is for the Belgium label Eskimo Recordings, which means... you guessed it, US fans have to pay those premium, import prices.

If you're hesitant to spend the scratch for Un Joli Mix Pour Toi, you might want to test out a mix Chromeo did last year and made available as a free download on their website. It's called Le Mix, which translates into English as, "The Mix". Man, I KNEW those three years of French would come in handy one day. Madame Laroux would be proud!

Un Joli Mix Pour Toi track listing:

01. Electric Funk "On A Journey"
02. Sharon Redd "Beat The Street"
03. Chemise "She Can't Love You"
04. Michael Jonzun "Burnin Up"
05. Jellybean "Who Found Who"
06. Modern Romance "Burn It"
07. David Grant "Stop And Go"
08. Love Club "Hot Summer Nights"
09. The Jets "Rocket 2 You"
10. Kleer "You Got Me Rockin"
11. Herbie Hancock "Tell Everybody"
12. Daddy Dewdrop "Nanu Nanu"
13. Temper "No Favors"
14. Total Contrast "Takes A Little Time"
15. Robert Palmer "You Are In My System"
16. Calloway "I Wanna Be Rich"
17. Warp 9 "No Man Is An Island"

Chromeo Have A Cool New Mix CD, But It's Import-Only