Live - Illinois, The Little Band That Could

Every night in NYC is a challenge. There's always a million and one things going on in a given night in the city and choosing where you want to go or what's worth traveling to can be a real crap shoot. All I can say is thank god for friends with good taste who occasionally help steer me in the right direction. The other night was one of those times, as I was told to be at Sin-e for a band called Illinois. I knew nothing about them and from their name, I was not sure what exactly to expect, as we New Yorkers think Illinois is one giant farm with nothing to offer the rest of the world but a few cows and an ear of corn or two and really, who wants to go see a band who sings about corn?

I was pleasantly surprised as the show began and as the show continued, I saw how their name was actually quite fitting. How? What do they sound like? Hmmm, I'm still not sure what to insert here. They're like a band you'd find at a local country fair but unassumingly, they'll rock your socks off. Then you'll take them out for shots and beers cause they're like the guys down the street you hung around with in your childhood years. So that's exactly what I did....

After the guys in the band couldn't say who they sounded like, I decided that that, in itself, says a lot about being creative, good musicianship and the non-conformity that is the polar opposite of so many easily-comparable, trendy bands today. So this is what you need to know. These guys are on the rise. They rock. They're creative. They're fun and it's worth remembering their name. Because if I have anything to do with it, they'll be back soon. So mark your calendar and plan on seeing for yourself this indescribable, great new band.

photos by Clay McBride

Source: Nina Isabella

Live - Illinois, The Little Band That Could