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Change My Mind

Lets start off this review with a little role-playing. Pretend you are a DJ at a radio station and you are sick to death of playing cuts off of Kings Of Leon or the newest My Morning Jacket. Yet you still have a hankering for some fine American sounding southern rock. You could dip into your back catalog of Led Zeppelin or The Yardbirds, but that's not as fun as finding something new to play. If this sounds familiar then your best bet is to check out this EP from The Blueskins stat. OK, so the band may not be from America, in fact they are from Wakefield in the UK, but their music possesses something special and unique (much like the afformentioned Brits The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin). The Blueskins are the next in queue from indie-tastic Domino Records. While the band may not be something you would expect the label to put out, it definitely is just as worthy as anything else the label offers. Not only have they toured with everyone from Fiery Furnaces to Stephen Malkmus, but they have also played Reading/Leeds Festival and recorded for John Peel to boot. The EP kicks off with the lead single, "Change My Mind", which showcases an upbeat toe tapping gem that would make the lamest person want to jump into the General Lee and go for a beer run. "Stupid Ones", one of the major EP highlights, is very Buzzcocks-esque and has a hint of old angry Supergrass as well. The third track, "My Love Is Law" is obviously deeply rooted in classic rock with fuzzy guitar riffs and passionate rock vocals. Then the last song, "Bye Bye", is a nice departure for the band and shows a softer acoustic side. It is in this song that you can hear the occasional British accent coming out on certain words and it adds a great touch. I know it has been said before, but how is it that a band from the UK can capture something that is normally considered unique to another region, embrace it and make it sound better than how we would do it? The answer may never be known, but until it is, your best bet is to become acquainted with The Blueskins and their classic blend of soul, rock and blues.

The Blueskins

Change My Mind