Live - Metric Size Up In Austin, TX

The Parish Room was filled to the brim Thursday night for Metric. All of the scenesters dressed to the nines for the joyous occasion, something virtually unseen in laid-back Austin. The show sold-out quickly and many were turned away at the door.

Metric, originally formed by James Shaw and Emily Haines, has called various places home over the past few years before settling in Canada. Josh Winstead and Joules Scott-Key make up the other half of Metric. The quartet has collaborated with other bands identified in the Canadian indie invasion, namely Broken Social Scene and Stars. They stand-out from their peers with their high-energy live show and delightful guitar-laced synth-pop. Touring in support of their new full-length album, Live it Out, Emily and her crew made the night an unforgettable one.

I arrived at the venue just as Metric took the stage. At first they looked small, sort of modest, and I was wondering if they would live up to all the hype. I realized my first impression was completely off as they broke into their first song. Suddenly the band came alive and lead singer Emily Haines was prancing all over the stage. Emily is all you could ever want in a lead singer of a band. She exudes unbelievable energy, knows how to work a crowd and is just gorgeous.

Playing old favorites such as “Sucexxy” and “Combat Baby” along with material from their latest album, Metric wowed the crowd. Everyone, young and old, danced and sang along during the entire set. The band egged on and enticed the crowd to engage in the music. Not usually a big fan of encores, I was astounded the band still had so much energy when they came back on stage. Emily danced and jumped around more than before, even nearly landing some karate kicks on an unassuming photographer. (I bet he has some interesting shots.) During their final song, she started carrying around her keyboard and the night ended with a few lucky crowd members playing some notes.

Metric have a few more dates in North America before they jet overseas. If you are lucky enough to live in Florida, these shows cannot be missed. The rest of us will just have to ditch work and/or class and fly to France. Anyone else in?

Source: Stephanie Janda

Live - Metric Size Up In Austin, TX