The Darkness Vs. Coldplay

Of all the unlikely and unnecessary rivalries that have ever come up in pop music, this ranks as one of the most ridiculous. Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins has decided to target Coldplay’s Chris Martin for a good old-fashioned rock & roll throw down.

In a recent interview with The Sun, Hawkins verbally attacked Martin’s involvement with the Make Trade Fair campaign, saying that it “gets on his nerves.” He also added that it is “all just a bit cheap.” Attacking charity work is a bit pathetic, yet Hawkins was just getting warmed up.

Hawkins continued his rant, taking swings at Martin’s involvement with the Band Aid 20 single “Do They Know It’s Christmas” last year. He said: “During Band Aid, Chris swanned in, stayed for about 20 minutes... we were there for two days and worked our behinds off. He obviously didn't care. I got the sense he was just doing it to raise his profile."

Good ol’ loveable Hawkins couldn’t stop his hate machine, so get decided to slam the former Darkness bassist Frankie Poullain as well. “We all know the truth about Frankie - he's talentless," he said. "We're still talking about the settlement but he'll always claim more than he's due. He sectioned himself off from the group. Then, when he was sacked, he believed it was role to be devil's advocate. He's vain and paranoid." ZING!

I think it is somebody’s naptime. Lil’ Justin seems cranky.

The Darkness Vs. Coldplay