Ryan Adams To Complete Trilogy Of Releases With 29

For most artists, completing one album in a year is plenty. For others, they can possibly stretch to crank out two. For Ryan Adams, three is the magic number. His trilogy of releases for 2005 included two records with bandmates The Cardinals, starting with May’s double-disc Cold Roses, which was followed up with September’s Jacksonville City Nights. As for number three, he seems to be ditching his band on 29 as it is being billed as a solo record.

Hitting stores on December 20th, 29 was produced by Ethan Johns. He was the producer for a few of Adam’s previous albums including the brilliant Heartbraker as well as Gold. According to Billboard, the album will include contributions from the Cardinals’ J.P. Bowersock and bassist Jennifer Condos. If Ryan keeps up this songwriting pace, he will soon join the ranks of Prince with a big ol’ vault of tunes ready for release.

01. “29”
02. “Strawberry Wine”
03. “Night Birds”
04. “Blue Sky Blues”
05. “Carolina Rain”
06. “Starlite Diner”
07. “The Sadness”
08. “Elizabeth, You Were Born To Play”
09. “That Part”
10. “Voices”

Ryan Adams To Complete Trilogy Of Releases With 29