Live - The Cloud Room Unplugged At The Tripwire

It was almost one year ago when I first saw The Cloud Room. This Brooklyn band was releasing their debut album on Gigantic Music, and I was asked to check them out at an early show at Rothko. A handful of people showed up, and I drank way too much, but even then I could tell that this band was something special.

Fast forward to November. In under one year, these indie popsters have released an album, gotten spins on radio stations from coast to coast, played sold-out shows in the UK, and even performed at the sold-out Maximo Park show last month at the Bowery Ballroom. As somebody who has sorta been there from the start, it was been a real treat to see this band come to life.

Back when I was first introduced to the band, I was immediately interested in having the band stop by the Tripwire NYC offices for an acoustic performance. This finally happened yesterday afternoon and it was well worth the wait. As a band that has never really done an acoustic set before, the group re-worked a few of their tunes with some surprising results. Rather than just the typical set featuring a dude with a guitar play a few songs, which makes up a majority of our office performances, all five-band members were involved with the set, using guitars, violin, percussion and even a glockenspiel.

The abbreviated set kicked off with “We Sleep In The Ocean”, with frontman J’s voice soaring over the acoustic guitars and backing vocals done by the rest of the group. One of the most interesting tunes performed yesterday was their single “Hey Now Now”, which took a whole new life unplugged. The keyboard lines were replaced by the glockenspiel and bassist Jon Petrow’s violin. Hell yeah, glockenspiel and violin… that is how we roll!

“Lord, I’m Trying”, the newest addition to The Cloud Room’s repertoire, ended our afternoon break from work with one of the finest songs they have written. I wish we could have recorded the tunes to share with all of you, as the boys sounded damn good. Does anybody want to donate some audio recording equipment? I mean, the holidays are just around the corner!

Many thanks go to the members of The Cloud Room for stopping by our offices for sharing some tunes, a few Red Stripes and some pints of Guinness. Also, thanks to Polsia and Elissa at Gigantic Music for bringing the band by!

Live - The Cloud Room Unplugged At The Tripwire