Lavender Diamond Plan The Impossible With Queens Of Sheeba

LA-based quartet Lavender Diamond will release a split EP on December 13 with Queens Of Sheeba (a.k.a. indie rock hero Devendra Banhart & friends.). Arriving just in time for the holidays, the 7" will include the Lavender Diamond cut "Impossible Occurrences" on side B and the Queens Of Sheebas' "It's A Christmas Time Celebration" on side A.

For those of you saying, "who's Lavender Diamond?", read on.

Lavender Diamond frontwoman Becky Stark had been playing Lavender Diamond all by herself in the role she created for a traveling operetta. She found herself in LA and began letting her musical creativity out in a variety of ways - playing country songs with Jeff Rosenberg, classical arias and tin pan alley songs with Steve Gregoropoulos, and voice and drum psychedelic doo-wop with Ron Rege, Jr. Just about a year ago, she suggested they all team up to form a band together and Lavender Diamond was born.

Since then, Stark & company have solidified a catchy psych-folk sound and self-released an EP called The Cavalry Of Light which has won them a shit-storm of critical praise by everyone from the LA Times to The FADER Magazine. The band has been placed on more than one "artist to watch" list, so keep them on your radar.

In the mean time, The Cavalry Of Light EP is currently available from the band's website.

Some Lavender Diamond and Becky Stark solo shows are lined up for early December, so if you live in California, you might just be lucky enough to get to check one out. Details below.

Lavender Diamond:

12.03.05 - Claremont, CA (TBA)
12.04.05 - Los Angeles, CA (The Smell)

Becky Stark Solo:

12.05.05 - Ventura, CA (Buffalo Records)
12.06.05 - Santa Cruz, CA (The Attic)
12.07.05 - San Francisco, CA (Rickshaw Stop)

Lavender Diamond Plan The Impossible With Queens Of Sheeba