Beck Remix Album Boasts A Who's Who Of Contributors

Back in October we revealed that Beck was putting together a remix album called Guerolito. Details were sort of sparse at the time, but now they are as plentiful as tight jeans at an indie rock show. Look below to peep the entire track listing, which includes re-interpretations of Guero's acclaimed content by the likes of Air, Adrock of the Beasties, Diplo, Boards Of Canada and more. You'll be glad to know that Guero cover artist Marcel Dzama will even be giving the album cover the remix treatment for Guerolito.

Additionally, there are four web exclusive tracks currently streaming on Beck's website - "Untitled Song 2", "Day For Night", "Sorrow", and "Premonition". They play automatically on the site's jukebox, so just click that link above and enjoy.

Guerolito Track Listing:

"Ghost Range (E-Pro)" - remix by Homelife
"Que Onda Guero" - remix by Islands
"Girl" - remix by Octet
"Heaven Hammer (Missing)" - remix by Air
"Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine)" - remix by Adrock (Beastie Boys)
"Terremoto Tempo (Earthquake Weather)" - remix by Mario C
"Ghettochipp Malfunction (Hell Yes)" - remix by 8-Bit
"Broken Drum" - remix by Boards of Canada
"Scarecrow" - remix by El-P
"Wish Coin (Go It Alone)" - remix by Diplo
"Farewell Ride" - remix by Subtle
"Rental Car" - remix by John King (Dust Brothers)
"Emergency Exit" - remix by Th' Corn Gangg
"Clap Hands"

Beck Remix Album Boasts A Who's Who Of Contributors