Pink Floyd To Reunite Again?

The impossible was made possible during this year’s Live 8 with the reunion of Pink Floyd. Although this was originally done as a one-time deal, Roger Waters seems to not be totally opposed to doing more with his former bandmates.

On in interview with XFM, he said; “I'd be very up for doing a lot more. It was such fun. We went in and did some rehearsals, and the moment we plugged in for the first rehearsal, it was like putting on an old shoe."

Don’t get too excited, as Waters has another project that is taking up the majority of his time. This would be his opera, Ca Ira, which is about the French Revolution. So how does this rock legend defend his decision to explore the world of opera? He backed himself up by saying: “Music is music. One's only responsibility as a musician or any kind of artist is to speak one's truth and hopefully invoke some kind of emotional response in your audience.

He added: "So whether you're painting on a palette that's bass crums and electric guitars or a symphony orchestra and chorus and soloists, fundamentally it's the same exercise."

Pink Floyd To Reunite Again?