CSI + Coldplay + Ringtones = Marketing Genius?

Those who tune in to this week's CSI:NY will bear witness to corporate America's latest "innovative" marketing idea. In tonight's episode, CSI:NY's Danny Messer is busy investigating a case when he's interrupted by a cell phone call - not your typical phone call. The phone will ring to the tune of Coldplay's "Talk", the new single from their latest effort X&Y.

Take that U2! Anyone can drive a flatbed truck through NYC and rock for thousands of fans and have your very own iPod crafted just for you, but having your band's new ring-tone air during prime time on a major network, now THAT's something! They're even taking it to the next level. After the ring-tone scene, CBS will run a promotional message telling viewers how they can purchase and download the new ring-tone.

Invasion of privacy? Ingenious new marketing strategy? The end of TV as we know it?

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CSI + Coldplay + Ringtones = Marketing Genius?