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Want To Own Jerry Garcia's Porcelain Throne?

I have seen devoted music fans go crazy for items from their beloved rock heroes. Normally the items aren’t too creepy, such as a piece of Morrissey’s shirt, or even a towel that Elvis used to wipe his face. We recently stumbled upon an auction that goes far beyond the realm of normality for collectable music items. Deadheads are being given an opportunity to bid on a piece of rock & roll memorabilia that seem just a bit too weird: Jerry Garcia’s toilet. Yes, you too can take a crap on the same porcelain that Jerry’s butt cheeks touched in his master bathroom from ’92 to ’95.

The description of the toilet is as follows: “Master Bathroom Kohler Toilet: Located in Jerry's master bedroom suite on the second floor of 55 El Mirador Dr. in Nicasio, CA! Overlooking the pool with a view of Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo! Salmon color! 25" deep x 19" wide x 16" high!”

The nonprofit group holding the auction is the Sophia Foundation, who also has his dishwasher, freezer and other household appliances up for grabs. The site is a bit wonky, but you can check it out for yourself by clicking here.

Want To Own Jerry Garcia's Porcelain Throne?