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The Greatest Shirt Ever Invented

December 02, 2005

This screenprinted gem from UNDR CRWN ("Under Crown", for the vowel-ly challenged out there) combines two all-time classic NYC icons into one infinitely wearable package. It's based off the old hand-drawn Adidas tees from Ewing's clothing/sneaker line in the late 80s, but with Frank White replacing the Knicks center. There's a complete overload of rap and bball inspired t-shirts right now, but this one gets it just right - and it's all about the details. Biggie's jersey is made of Coogi sweater material!

Check for this at Digital Gravel and finer streetwear outlets near you. There's also a Pac version, and one with both of them together.

Posted: December 02, 2005
The Greatest Shirt Ever Invented