Former Mclusky Bassist Releases EP

Many fans, myself included, are still weeping over the break-up of the Welsh trio Mclusky. While we are still waiting for the release of their retrospective singles compilation, bassist Jon Chapple’s new band Shooting At Unarmed Men is releasing their debut EP tomorrow (December 6). For a sneak peek at the band’s tunes, you can check out a few stream audio tracks on their official website.

Soon There Will Be Shooting At Unarmed Men
01. “Taking Care Of Business”
02. “Four Eyed McClayvle”
03. “When Potent Doesn’t Mean It”
04. “Impunity Rules”
05. “The Long And The Short Of It”
06. “No-One Can Waltz”
07. “The Pink Ink”
08. “There’s A Reason It’s Called The Easy Way Out”
09. “This Much Is A Lot”

Former Mclusky Bassist Releases EP