Group Sounds Video Is #1 On iFilm?

Remember that link we put in our daily newsletter for unsigned NYC band Group Sounds' new video? Well, actually... it was "out takes" from the filming of the video and it featured "Sexy" Joe from the band auditioning dancers for the actual video. Ring a bell?

At the time, I was passing the link around to everyone I knew because it was straight up hilarious. Well now, the band has finished the video and posted it on iFilm. In two days it's gotten almost 70,000 hits and is currently the #1 music video of ANY genre, beating out the likes of Slim Thug, Madonna, Jessica Simpson, Green Day, etc. And it's not just "sort of" beating them. The second place video has less than 1/3 of the hits.

So... head over to iFilm and check it out for yourself. Get ready to laugh.

Group Sounds are playing December 8 at the Mercury Lounge.

Group Sounds Video Is #1 On iFilm?