Live - Goldfrapp In NYC: An Outerspace Sex Odyssey

A sold out show with 2,000 in attendance, Goldfrapp performed live at the Nokia Theatre on Dec. 5th. The attendees included Depeche Mode, Moby, famous NYC transvestites Sophia Lamar and Amanda Lepore, NYC party producer Justine D, and 5 year old-electroclash sensation, Amanita. Art geeks and fashionistas filled the Nokia ballroom with attire ranging from glitter stilettos and fake eye lashes to t-shirts and jeans.

Popular electroclash DJ Larry Tee opened up the show with a set that lasted only for about 15 minutes, as the crowd soon got restless. At 9:45pm Goldfrapp make their grand entrance to the stage wearing costumes that are outrageous, and yet perfectly in sync with
their audience. Vocalist Allison Goldfrapp had a black glam-sex suit with a zipper that started at her crotch and made its way up to mid breast with a lacey bra peaking out. The bassist sported a see-through glitter guitar, white paperboy hat, black tank top, white pants and white shoes. The keyboardist decided on a '70s disco wintergreen glitter jump suit and heels. The guitarist looked like Jesus trying to find his way to Nazareth, with his long brown robes and thick beard. The drummer was rooster-like as he perched on his drum set with red and green feathers coming from behind his head.

The show started off with a growl of glassy vocals and exploding electro beats. But what happened next was the best - two sexy go-go dancers in mini bikinis ran out on stage wearing hairy werewolf masks and claws. The crowd let out screams and whistles of excitement. Alison performed with a mic in one hand and rubbing her crotch with a Theremin wand in the other.

Big vocals and decadent lyrics topped off the incredible components to the sounds that Goldfrapp
produces. Like a Donna Summer concert from outer space, the go-go dancers came onstage with different costumes for each song, including aliens from mars, dancing blue falangies, and mirrored horse heads. All in all, it was a great performance with spectacular visuals that engaged the audience. Goldfrapp turned the night from a standard concert in to an entire show of circus-like proportions, something rarely done and even more rarely achieved. Bravo!

Source: Amylu Meneses

Live - Goldfrapp In NYC: An Outerspace Sex Odyssey