Blur's Alex James Reveals Side Project

Blur bass player Alex James has broken his silence, revealing that new material from the Britpop group is on the way. In an interview with the BBC, he confirmed that the band is heading to the studio this month, which isn’t always a walk in the park.

He commented: “It's like a family and you all get together before Christmas and it's great to see everybody, and then after Christmas - Christmas being an album and the album making process - you're like 'see you next time!' through gritted teeth."

Not only is he working on music with Blur, but he has also been busy with his current side project Wigwam. He referred to the group as “the perfect pop product”, which features vocals by Betty Boo, aka Alison Clarkson.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, James also has his eye on yet another project. Not another band, but rather the development of a rock musical,

"I've been talking to Steven Berkoff about turning one of his plays East into a rock musical,” he said. “It's a fantastic piece of work. He wrote it 25 years ago and it's just so bright and fresh still. I'd love to get involved with that.”

Blur's Alex James Reveals Side Project